Why should you consider PPAS for your equip project challenge solution?

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I work for YOU.

    After spending the last 21 years as the VP of equip with a Top 400 Railroad, Asphalt, Transit, Enviromental, & Stevedoring contractor, Ive decided to "realign" my work schedule and work for others to share my experience. Now you can take advantage of the 35+ years of contacts, resources & experience in the equipment procurement, management, equipment & vehicle telematics, and job cost arena on a as needed basis. 



I have the contacts.

    While the Internet is a valuable tool to aquire  a business telephone # & maybe a email. Beyond that you are on your own. My depth of contacts get you the help and solutions needed to add value to that current challenge.  We are connected in all major Industry asssociations to STAY connected with the OEMS, Distributors and Industry players to provide current resources. Not a outdated or retired connection that cannot provide value to your need.


I've made the mistakes.

Yes, that’s right!

    The one thing that adds value to an employee is the experience learned from a mistake once made. Why not benefit from the same equipment management best practices?

Over the past 20+ years, the contractor alliances in a  joint & several  Joint Venture has become more prevalent in the mega construction world.

Equipment ownership, Buy/Sell Cap agreements, Operating Rates, Leasing, Rebates & equity sharing are all issues to be dealt with. We have dealt with 50+ transportation Joint Venture projects/proposals with several in excess of a billion dollars. Lots of equipment best practices and SOP to protect the contractor, leasing company, or other invested party.

We’ve been there…. Done that.


Let us share the experience  and positive results with you.