Experience available in the areas of.........

Fleet Management Best Practices

Do you know that your fleet costs and processes are where they need to be to be knowledegable and competitive in the market?


  • Divisional equipment consolidation

  • Ownership & Operating rates

  • Life cycle cost analysis

  • Internal Fleet reporting policies

  • Procurement & disposal  procedures

  • personal Vehicle use & lease policies

  • DOT & Enviromental compliance and operation

  • Joint venture equipment policies

  • National Acct purchasing

  • & More


Having managed fleets in excess of $200 million, those same policies and procedures can be benefitial to fleets of all size.

Is your fleet operating at the level of or beyond that your competitors?

Telematics Best Practices
AEMP telematic mixed fleet solution

Ready to think about, or better yet, take the plunge into the connected world of mixed fleet machine telematics?


Unsure how to best connect & take advantage of the manufacturers’ technology on your newer iron, but interconnect your mixed fleet with your non OEM-wired assets?


  • Who do you partner with and why?

  • Need to connect people to assets?

  • Need to compare your actual equipment usage to your estimate?

  • How much do you waste in Idle time?

  • How much data is too much data?

  • Tired of all the redundant paper required by governmental agencies?

  • Ready for the DOT Electronic Logs mandate soon to be upon us?



All good questions and more.


We have worked with over 15 telematics providers and wired/managed over 4500 assets since 2005.


We know the important questions to allow you to make that right choice in telematics implementation.

   Value/Damage Appraisal
Railroad MOW Equip appraisals

Need an value appraisal on a single piece of equipment, or an entire fleet?


Not a problem with Peak Performance.

We are a CAGA certified appraisal service to satisfy your financial institution or validate for legal reasons.

We have done evaluations for  fleets from a single unit  to 2600 pieces for an annual line of credit requirement.


No problem on value or damage appraisals on specialized Industry equipment in the following industries


  • Railroad MOW & Rolling Stock

  • Stevedoring & Intermodal

  • Asphalt, Concrete Production

  • Environmental & Waste Management

  • Ultrasonic & Non-destructive testing

  • Quarry & Aggregate production

  • Agriculture & Irrigation


We are Insurance policy knowledgeable for asset valuation and policy application advice.





CAGA  Cert # 15-0713070

Asset/Resource Sourcing
isolated railroad solutions

Have the “unique” equipment need or “challenge”?


Maybe a inaccessible jobsite requires a different viewpoint and specialized equipment.

We have the industry knowledge and contacts to provide that unique solution to what may seem impossible. Our rail industry knowledge, OEM & distributor connections can provide alternatives to unacceptable lead times and  in availability of required resources. We have asset access beyond that of a single source distributor. Many specialized units were produced in limited quantities and knowing where those assets lie, can keep your project “on track”.


Services available:

  • Monthly lease/rental sourcing

  • National Acct program negotiation

  • Annual Vehicle CAP programs

  • Equity Lease agreements

  • Asset disposal negotiations.


And when the project is done, we have the knowledge and connections for asset liquidation options to fit your need.


Don’t settle for “retail” rates when buying, selling, or renting.

Asset Dispute Resolution
heavy equipment accident help

Motorsports Participation Srv's

When things go wrong, it’s never at a convenient time.


And while you are forced to fit the situation into your schedule, are you the most qualified to “fight” for your optimum financial and policy interpretation positions?


We know that it’s tough to trust someone else with an asset that’s so vital to your business.

But our experience working for the Insurance Adjusting companies can be used to your advantage.

  • We know the language to make the best out of a bad situation.

  • We have settled single Insurance/Dispute claims as large as $200 million.

  • We understand REAL depreciation and betterment.

  • We know how the repairs can & SHOULD be made. We know where to acquire the parts.

  • We are CAGA certified to provide a certified value appraisal

  • We have the Salvage contacts.

  • We have the Industry contacts to best support your claim.

  • We understand your timeline and can work for your goals. Not the “other guys”.

Whether it be with your Insurance Company, a third party, or another party, we can best represent your interest in a asset claim resolution.

                             Thinking of getting involved?



   In this high HP,fast paced world we live in, motorsports is in the life of most, if not all, of your customers, vendors & employees. 


Click on the video above to see a couple examples of where motorsports is a tool that is being used in our industry.


But where do you get the most ROI for your investment?


Which series? What are the unseen benefits? The pitfalls?


Well these are all good questions, And we have the answers to these questions AND more.


Before you make the entry, or maybe you are considing a change in venue or approach, let's talk ROI and what motorsports has to offer.


                                We've been there, Done that!