Peak Performance Asset Services LLC was formed in 2015 at the encouragement of several of my industry associates in their constant requests for operational assistance in their daily business ventures. This re-entry of my asset management services back into the MOW (Maintenance of Way) equipment industry led the way to further consulting assistance into the areas of machine technology, environmental, value appraisal, industry specific build specifications, and market development. All areas of previous passion and experience.

I have continued my financial appraisal certification capacities with the addition of the Certified Appraisers Guild of America (CAGA) certification allowing the acceptance of appraisal methods & procedure I have practiced since 1987.

Our Vision.


To enable the equipment management, distribution, and manufacturing profession to embrace technology and best practices for safety and quality enhancement.


Further accuracy in the value appraisal of the specialized railroad Industry will better enable the railroad contractor financial options for business growth while providing a safer industry for their employees.



Company Profile.


Peak Performance Asset Services LLC (PPAS)  is a small business asset consulting service. With the benefit of a mobile office, convenient for travel to either coast. Our mobile workstation moves where the client needs us to be.  Allowing for a workable daily schedule, regardless of US location. 


Currently working with several Top 400 civil contractors, technology  entrepreneurs , OEMs, and staying involved in 4 major industry associations and the various committees there-in.


We have been a strong proponent of the AEMP/AEM telematics standard to promote mixed fleet communication connectivity.


PPAS is a fully Insured, LLC.  minority owned business owned by Melinda Samford. And managed and operated by Daniel Samford, CEM. So if your projects has DBE/WBE requirements, lets talk about how we can benefit your project.